entrepreneur x corporate
B. 1983
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 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxOriginally from Long Island, NY, minutes away from Queens, I came from an area of huge diversity, spanning religions, genders, races, sexuality, opinions, and beyond. The result? A canvas for creativity and understanding unique avatars, which crafted the foundation of ‘marketing.'

The backstory

          With that foundation and an inner circle of like-minded hustler friends, I found a wide variety of unique opportunities to capitalize on, the foundation of ‘creating value’. Selling burned CDs and candy (and a unique yearbook opportunity) turned into the first ‘real’ business. At twelve — I launched a tutoring business. Leverage was born - and as classmates were working at McDonalds, I was hiring classmates.

This mindset carried me to Cornell and later Yale; where I was the first from my immigrant family to graduate college with honors and get a Masters. This was also my foundation into travel hacking and poker, taking me around the world while enabling me to fund my lifestyle.

Poker is

Psychology meets segmentation meets marketing meets differentiation meets economics.

Bold principles. Globally held. Zero fear of disruption.

Meets emotional mindset.

Present // Future

20 years, creating, supporting, and investing in businesses.

Hundreds of new businesses, successful and otherwise.

Many new friends and colleagues.

Countless lessons.

+ thousands of hires

And colleagues

throughout THE WORLD.

Today, still traveling, playing poker, and creating businesses designed for wider impact. And applying all of the personal and continued lessons across:

The mental challenges of creating businesses.

The evolution of decision-making to avoid mistakes and focus on the best possible inputs to drive outcomes.

The wandering eye of multipreneurs (and my own newly-discovered challenge with ADHD).

It’s a continuation of the grind, tailored to the current, and tested by the real-world. All aimed at creating pragmatically viable businesses, with tempo, for myself, and anyone I work with. And supporting the (very challenging) mindset needed to get there.

And it’s counteracting the conventional; cognizant of the wider regression to the mean taking place and knowing that the only right way to do things is in a differentiated and creative way that speaks to your uniqueness and that you believe in.

Gritty. Real.

Reshaping the business playbook.

Ready to redefine business as usual?